MVM Accounting Center applies a flexible pricing system with the major criteria in determining the price of the service being:

  • The number of documents that are to be reported and accounted
  • The number of staff
  • The specific features of your business

and the demand of our clients to include specific services in the subscription pack for full accountings services.

Subscription pack

If you opt to use our subscription pack for full accountings service, we will conclude a contract for one year with fixed monthly fees.


Single accounting services

With the single accounting services, prices are agreed depending on the specific market conditions, type and terms of delivery of the services to be rendered.



Annual closure of accounts

The annual closure of accounts for the clients who use our subscription pack is free of charge.

For clients who opt for a single annual closure of accounts, the prices vary from 400.00 BGN to 1,000.00 BGN and include the elaboration of the annual financial statements, annual tax returns, their subsequent submission to the National Revenue Agency and the National Social Security Institute and the publication of these reports on the web site of the Registry Agency.

MVM Accounting Center – the best for you and your business

Bring a new client and receive back your monthly fee for the subscription pack!

Every client using our subscription pack for accounting services, who brings a new client who wants to conclude a contract with MVM Accounting Center, will receive:

  • Refunding of its monthly fee for one month, or
  • Free additional service, which is not included in the price of its contract for subscription service.