Subscription accounting services

Subscription pack for full accounting service is rendered on the base of the conclusion of a yearly contract for delivery of accounting services with clear and precise provisions

  • Development of personal chart of accounts, which complies with the specific business of your company;
  • Acceptance, processing and reporting primary accounting documents;
  • Making and reporting secondary accounting documents and registers;
  • Development and control of the accounting policy in accordance with IAS and NAS  (International Accounting Standards, National Accounting Standards of small and medium-sized enterprises);
  • Reporting fixed assets and elaboration of accounting and tax amortization and depreciation plan;
  • Processing warehouse amounts and analytical accounting depending on the specific company needs;
  • Calculation of cost of the products, goods and services;
  • Control on the payables to suppliers and receivables from clients;
  • Making and submitting reference declarations and registers under the VAT Act, including VIES declarations;
  • Intrastat;
  • Systemization and summary of the accounting information;
  • Storage of information on hard copies and on magnetic carriers;
  • Preparation and submission of declarations and statements before the National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, National Statistics Institute, BNB (for foreign financing), the Agency for Personal Data Protection, the Employment Service Inspectorate;

  • Preparation of payment documents for the taxes payable under the VAT Act, Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act, Corporate Income Tax Act,  Local Taxes and Fees Act;
  • Preparation of provisional statements and reports for the needs of the company management;
  • Elaboration of the Annual Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and related appendixes);
  • Current consultations on issues referring to the Tax Insurance Procedure Code, VAT Act,  Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act, Corporate Income Tax Act,  Local Taxes and Fees Act.
  • Support of the human resources employed in the company;
  • Elaboration of payrolls and salaries;
  • Elaboration of employment and civil contracts, supplementary agreements, orders for termination of employment contracts of employees;
  • Elaboration of accounts for amounts related to the payment of remunerations under civil contracts;
  • Issue of certificates for the workers and employees in the company for received annual income and other certificates related to the labor salaries; documents, required for retirement and pensions;
  • Processing and certification of social insurance and employment service records;
  • Registration of self-employed  people, insurers and employment agreements;
  • Preparation of payment documents for social insurance contributions and taxes due and payable;
  • Consultations on the labor legislation and social insurance;
  • Consultation and calculation of personal coefficient for pension.


Single accounting service

If external clients who do not have valid contract concluded with our company show interest, each of the services included in the subscription pack for accounting services may be rendered separately.